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Effortlessly transform your domain models into powerful PostgreSQL extensions using our GitHub repository template. With pre-implemented infrastructure and application layers in the framework module, you can focus entirely on your core domain logic while running your models directly within your PostgreSQL database for seamless integration and enhanced performance.

The template includes a demo domain model of a restaurant/order management system, showcasing practical implementation and providing a solid foundation for your own projects.

The (GitHub) Template


f{model} Rust

Rust has seen a rapid rise in popularity in the last few years, and one of the driving forces behind it has been the attention paid to type safety, memory safety and developer ergonomics.

f{model} aims to bring functional, algebraic and compositional domain modeling to Rust. It is inspired by DDD, EventSourcing and Functional programming communities, yet implements these ideas and concepts in idiomatic Rust, which in turn makes our code

  • less error-prone,
  • easier to understand,
  • easier to test,
  • type-safe,
  • thread-safe.


f{model} Rust PostgreSQL

The template leverages the PGRX framework to simplify the creation of custom Postgres extensions, seamlessly integrating business logic directly into your database. This approach transforms your database into a robust application platform:

  • Reduced Latency: By integrating the application directly with the database, data retrieval is faster as it eliminates network calls between the application and the database.
  • Improved Throughput: Close data processing minimizes data transfer overhead, improving the overall throughput.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Centralized updates and management reduce the complexity of maintaining multiple systems
  • Cost Effective: There is no backend application to deploy and operate! Think about it.

PGRX has been tested to work on x86_64, aarch64 Linux and aarch64 macOS targets.


Empower your operations with a tailored platform that excels in executing, running, and orchestrating applications, while seamlessly integrating your domain models. Whether you need to run your models as Postgres extensions, at the edge, or in a serverless environment, our flexible options have you covered. Achieve more with less effort and lead the way in automating your information flow and business processes.

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